GLDS is the world’s first gold mining crypto company

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Gold is the most flexible and equivalent. Gold, silver, copper. Gold and silver. To be honest, gold is one of the main metals that is important for those who come from 3400 BC.Gdigit (GLDS) is an effort to provide strong collaborative energy through high computer development in the native economic sector, especially through the extraction of gold and various precious metals. The difference between duty and analog is that each GLGS token has the same gold (compared to 0.02 grams), giving speculative strength and appeal.

3 important reasons for buying gold

There are 3 common reasons for buying gold for investors: they use this actively as a hedge, a safe place or a direct investment. Let’s see how this reason can benefit you.Gold as a hedge. Hedging is an investment that offset losses in other asset classes. Some people buy gold to hedge against falling costs of certain currencies, especially the US dollar. Gold is the best hedge against falling stock markets, according to statistics in different historical periods. For example, the cost of gold increased from $ 347.20 to $ 833.75 per ounce between 2002 and 2007. At the same time, the price of the dollar fell 40% against the euro.Gold as a safe place. Safe haven is an instrument to protect investors from sudden disasters. And many people buy gold when they have to deal with a financial crisis. This is a rational decision: for example, the 2011 debt ceiling crisis resulted in a serious rise in gold prices. Starting from $ 869.75 in 2008 to $ 1895 in September 2011.Gold as a direct investment. In this way to buy gold let’s take advantage of future price increases. Investors hope to get profit as a result of various economic and political factors that can affect the increase in gold prices.What is the problem?
It’s no secret that gold is one of the best efforts at this time. GLDS will reveal this reason to various buyers who use blockchain innovations and create their own crypto currencies. GLDS customers can buy precious metals at the highest cost and full trust in the integrity and security of all exchanges within the framework.GLDS also relies on current jobs, gold shops and top-class placers in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This organization leads a fully legal business with direct accounting and details. Mining studies and further preparation of precious metals have been granted many licenses made by the administrative and control groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The gold shop claimed by our organization is located in the eastern part of Kazakhstan. Our land survey has released information that confirms that money makes sense at work. It has been confirmed that Placer shops and terraces contain around 1,000 kg of precious metal. The sulfur-quartz vein in this area is estimated to be around 5-6 tons of gold. A three-year production schedule has been set for 2023, and the National Bank of Kazakhstan will focus on buying all shares.Gdigit Digital currency supported by real gold.
Job search and appraisal.
Business preparation for job search projects and assessments is carried out entirely in the geographical structure, exploration, entry level, and natural mineralization in the study area. The business level includes:Search for Terrain Business Courses and
Consider Terrain GeochemistryMiningPenetration activities
Complex test studies
Alternative texts for this imageGLDS is the first cryptocurrency company in the world to establish a synergistic relationship between advanced progress and the regional economy and gold mining. In our efforts, blockchain innovation is used to make gold mining easier and more effective. Gold provides security and efforts to support GLDS tokens.Project summary:
The main objective of our business is to make gold more attractive and useful for many people. We accept the use of cryptographic forms to give money critically.To achieve the goals we set before, we created our own decentralized digital currency as part of our GLDS business. Rely on a very mechanical idea to achieve high liquidity for business tokens. Every coin issued by our company is supported by 0.02 grams of gold by incorporating two speculative tools that appear to be separate from the world, such as gold and digital money. Every member of the GLDS initiative has the opportunity to make a very innovative start, but guaranteed automatic income for all who bring life.GLDS Token GLDS is a multifunctional tool that can be used in various ways. The intrinsic value of GLDS tokens comes from gold parity. Each token owned by GLDS holders is worth 0.02 grams of gold. The nominal price of GLDS is $ 1, but as long as the ICO token is available for purchase at a discount. This effectively means that the initial users of our tokens buy gold at the best price available on the market.
Lifetime blockchain technology in the digital world ● According to Coinmarketcap Rs 2300 cryptocurrency, currently the number of cryptocurrency in the world. ● 12000 pcs ASIC miners This is the number of ASIC miners working in the largest mining farm in Northeast China. ● 7 Liberland areas The
total territory of the Republic of Indonesia Free is 7 square kilometers
Liberland, a self-proclaimed country that is a reserve currency in the form of bitcoin.
● 100000+
lines of code
What is the most famous cryptocurrency on the planet with how many lines of code.

At the
end of the closed ICO round of 2019, pre-sales are carried out in order to collect USD 1,000,000 (1,000,000 GLDS tokens are sold, accounting for a 50% – 1,500,000 GLDS bonus).
First ICO
Round 1. The main ICO round starts on February 15, 2020 and will be divided into phases.
2. The main ICO round will be completed on or before August 15, 2020, if all tokens are sold.
3. In total, 12.5 million GLDS tokens will be prepared for sales.
4. At the same time, this project offers customers a happy bonus system.
5. This system actually gives investors more bonuses when buying.
6. When selling the first 4,000,000 GLDS, the buyer will receive a 25% bonus (the bonus is paid by the project token in the user’s wallet.
7. The bonus token will be frozen until 05/12/2020. Later 5,000,000 GLDS buyers will receive a 20% Bonus will be received (bonuses are paid in the user’s wallet by the Project Token)
8. Bonus Tokens will be frozen until 12/15/2020. When selling the remaining 1,500,000 GLDS, the buyer will receive a 10% bonus (Bo Vena is paid by the project token in the user’s wallet .
9. Token bonus will be frozen until 12.25.2020.)


Website: moqusulLink:;u=2651670

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