the first gold mining crypto company in the world

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Hello everyone, greetings to all friends If you are interested in joining the project, your Digits should read information that will help you get information that can help you see your vision and missionGdigit (GLDS) is a company that offers convincing cooperation energy from computerized advancements with the real economy, especially with the extraction of gold and various precious metals. The difference between duty and analog is that each GLGS token has identical gold (compared to 0.02 grams of gold), which gives it high solidity and speculative charm.Gold is the most flexible, everything is equal. This is a separate metal that changes and sits at the same table from time to time with gold, silver and copper. The social problem where gold can be found is often named after a group of metal coins because individuals are often used to make money. Gold, to be honest, has its roots in the Egyptians in BC. This is one of the main metals known to people since 3400.How can we use gold in the modern world? There are various reasons to invest in this metal, especially today when you can choose the most convenient way to buy and store gold according to your needs. Let’s consider them.3 important reasons for buying goldThere are 3 common reasons for buying gold for investors: they use this actively as a hedge, a safe place or a direct investment. Let’s see how this reason can benefit you.Gold as a hedge. Hedging is an investment that offset losses in other asset classes. Some people buy gold to hedge against falling costs of certain currencies, especially the US dollar. Gold is the best hedge against falling stock markets, according to statistics in different historical periods. For example, the cost of gold increased from $ 347.20 to $ 833.75 per ounce between 2002 and 2007. At the same time, the price of the dollar fell 40% against the euro.Gold as a safe place. Safe haven is an instrument to protect investors from sudden disasters. And many people buy gold when they have to deal with a financial crisis. This is a rational decision: for example, the 2011 debt ceiling crisis resulted in a serious rise in gold prices. Starting from $ 869.75 in 2008 to $ 1895 in September 2011.Gold as a direct investment. In this way to buy gold let’s take advantage of future price increases. Investors hope to get profit as a result of various economic and political factors that can affect the increase in gold prices.GLDS Project: a new possibility with tokens supported by goldThanks to the development of new technology, people can buy gold in various forms. Today we can buy digital currencies supported by gold. Such products are offered by the GLDS project.The GLDS Token revealed the Gold Digit Standard. This project offers a blockchain solution for investing in this metal and storing it.GLDS tokens are multifunctional instruments that can be used in various ways. Each GLDS token is supported by 0.02 grams of gold. At present the price for 1 gram of Gold is around 50 dollars. So, the nominal price of 1 token is 1 dollar, but GLDS can be purchased at a discount during ICO. The first part of the token will be sold with a bonus of 25%.Because the supply of gold on Earth is limited, the price of this metal can only grow. Starting in November 2020, the company will begin to buy back tokens at market prices every 3 months. This will help stimulate an increase in coin prices.The total supply of tokens is 15,000,000. 14,000,000 GLDS tokens are available to investors. GLDS tokens will be listed on different cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously. Thanks to that, tokens can be bought, sold or traded for other cryptocurrency, cashed into paper money or gold. Blockchain Technology ● 2300Cryptocurrency According to Coinmarketcap, this is the number of cryptocurrency currently in the world. ● 12000 pcs ASIC Miners This is the number of ASIC miners operating on the largest mining farm. in Northeast China. ● 7 The Liberland Region7 square kilometers is the total area of ​​the Free Republic of Indonesia ,iberian, a country that proclaims itself with Bitcoin as its reserve currency. ● 100000 + Code lines There are how many lines of code there are in the most famous cryptocurrency on the planet.

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Closed ICO Round At the end of 2019, closed pre-sales are held in the context of collecting 1,000,000 USD (1,000,000 GLDS tokens are sold, taking into account a 50% bonus – 1,500,000 GLDS). The first round of ICO1. The main ICO round starts on February 15, 2020 and will be divided into several stages. The main ICO round will be completed on August 15, 2020 or earlier, if all tokens are sold. In total, 12.5 million GLDS tokens will be prepared for sales. At the same time, the project offers customers a pleasant bonus system. This system actually gives investors more bonuses when buying. When selling the first 4,000,000 GLDS, the buyer will receive a 25% bonus (the bonus is paid by the project token to the user’s wallet.7. Bonus token will remain frozen until 05/12/2020) Buyer is 5,000. November 2019 ● Registration of LLP NURSULTAN GOID companies. Choice of gold ore and placer gold deposits in the East Kazakhstan Region, Zharma district, Ushbiik settlement. 25 blocks. ● Preparation of documents for obtaining gold exploration and mining permits has begun. December 2019 ● Holding Private Sales ● Successfully completing the Private Sale project. 1,500,000 GLDS tokens sold (including a 50% bonus), total cost – 1,000,000 USDJanuary-February 2020 ● Launch of PR and marketing campaigns ● Implementation of marketing programs to attract the maximum number of participants to the project ● Run a gift program. ● Implementation of marketing activities on social networks, as well as in business and crypto media. February 2020 ● Company registration “GoDd Didital Standart Corporation Limited”, End of active production period, field conservation. November 2020 ● Token repurchase program Launches a token repurchase program at market prices. From $ 150,000 to $ 350,000 will be allocated every three months to repurchase tokens.December 2020 ● Payment of bonus projects Aprilpril – May 2021 ● Preparing to start work ● Recommencement of gold mining in deposits Start gold mining in second deposits ● Mining plans are based on the introductory parameters of the project and the gold content of the placer deposit. ● Active production will be conducted from May to October 2021 Our team is Nikolay Navtalyan Own. CEOEskendir ZaripovA geologistAlena NarinyaniCmoEdition of EkaterinaHead of SMMAskar NursultanovTEN “GOLD NURSULTAN” Yaroslav anishchenkoCTO. Development and BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO.● Whitepaper:● Facebook:● Twitter:● Telegram:● Linkedin:● Reddit:● YouTube:● Ann Thread: moqusul Link:;u=2651670

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