Prometheusintegrate parts of the blockchain in a fast and convenient way

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Hello everyone, this is my first official post, and I want to discuss a topic that always tickles me, the subject of Prometheus. If you have reached this section, I am sure you already understand the legend, however, I give a brief agreement from the legend to be able to change topics.
Prometheus was a titan known as a “human friend”, and according to some sources there is no more and no career in human creation. Yes, but this is not the case for men, but this is the only way to get it, it lives in very difficult conditions, passes and is cold, but prometheus and others. it was denied by Zeus who was truly offended by Prometheus’s actions.

The Prometheus project creates a fully functional MVP that allows users to connect to the database in a few clicks, to choose tables and columns to transfer to the blockchain, to choose the type of blockchain (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar …) allows you to choose whether actions will only be done once or repeatedly. The reverse process can also be carried out to move data from the blockchain to the database.
The main problem with blockchain technology is its mass use and the use of technology to solve real world problems. Wherever there is a problem of trust between two entities, blockchain technology can help solve problems. The main characteristic of this advanced technology is that information that was once written in blocks can no longer be modified. Creating a blockchain from scratch that can meet the needs of business entities can be very expensive and time consuming.
Applying Prometheus technology will allow you to integrate parts of your business into the blockchain quickly and comfortably, which will give you huge profits in the market. The Prometheus platform already has a functional prototype product that enables quick and easy database integration, i.e. transferring data from the database to the blockchain for customers. Thanks to the “Select and click” application platform, users can choose graphics and data from their database, which is the part of their business that they want to transfer to the blockchain, also in this way, they can become “predecessors,” in other words – users blockchain technology in their own business.
Prometheus is a simple but very effective solution. At present, every company uses a relational database in its business processes. Prometheus has software that allows them to easily connect to their database and easily transfer selected data to the desired blockchain. This is a unique service in the world that will enable them to become users of blockchain technology. This system will improve their business processes and give them an edge in terms of competitiveness.

What is our vision and mission?

Our vision is to facilitate the use of blockchain technology through products that will enable the transfer of parts of business processes (BP or Business processes) to the desired, affordable and efficient blockchain.
The mission of the Prometheus platform is to contribute to the global use of the blockchain worldwide. Its use is very large and Prometheus is not limited to certain economic sectors, but for universal solutions to implement blockchain technology to enable each company to transfer part of its activities to the blockchain.

Protection of IEO Prometheus participants
is completely transparent about the development of future platforms. With our products and our organizational capacity, we are confident in the successful implementation of the project. For this reason, we offer absolute protection to ICO participants, something not yet seen in the ICO world.
If the minimum required limit of $ 530,000 is not exceeded to develop a successful future platform and business model after ICO, Ethereum will be automatically returned through a smart contract.
After passing the minimum required limit (the limit is $ 11,000,000), Prometheus will propose several independent experts with authority in software development who will verify that the platform development is in accordance with the guidebook. All ICO participants will choose their favorites, while buyers and / or investors of more than $ 1,000 can choose their experts. If an expert determines that the development of the Prometheus platform does not progress according to the guidebook in the planned period, all buyers and / or investors will be replaced by the amount invested less than the proportional amount of $ 530,000.

Token information

Nama token: PrometheusTicker token: PROTotal supply: 200,000,000Outstanding supply: 140,000,000Decimal: 18Platform: Ethereum, ERC20IEO Date: February 1 2020 – May 1 2020Price of IEO: 1 PRO = 0.1 USDSoft cap: 530.000 USDHard cap: 11.000.000 USD


Srdjan Vukmirovic: CEOMile Kordic: CTOAnte Medic: COOMilana Fines: DevelopersNemanja Simikic: Pengembang


The development phase will be divided into 4 quarters with a team of 7: Software Architect (Srdjan Vukmirovic), 4 Net developers, QA and the author of DevOps / Tech.Two developers will work on the Prometheus platform: Scheduler andConfiguration Manager.Two developers will work on Crypto Adapters.ICO: February 1 2020 to May 1 2020.Q1 2020Ethereum dan Bitcoin AdapterUser management, roles and subscriptionsQ2 2020Stellar dan Cardano AdapterConfiguration database and management applicationQ3 2020Cardano and Neo AdapterScheduling engineQ4 2020Open the API for other crypto databasesCalculation of usage and payment

Website: paper: paper: moqusulLink:;u=2651670

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